To be an industry leader in CSR by being a champion for workers’ rights in our business partner factories and to develop sustainable relationships and consistent compliance world wide.


  • Top Down
  • Integrated Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Compliance
  • Collaborative Effort
  • Proactive Approach

Strong CSR Strategy

  • Dedicated Team
  • Responsible Sourcing Program
  • Incorporated CSR into purchasing practices
  • Remediation – Root cause analysis and sustainable solutions

Gear for Sports® is a Participating Company in the Fair Labor Association

The FLA is a collaborative effort of universities, civil society organizations and socially responsible companies dedicated to protecting workers’ rights around the world. The Gear for Sports® CSR department attends every FLA meeting to discuss innovative ways to improve working conditions with other social compliance leaders, licensing agents, and universities.

Gear for Sports® is a fully Accredited Participating Company with the FLA and a member since 2000. As a Participating Company we have committed to FLA Labor Standards throughout our entire supply chain. The FLA code of conduct drives the expectations we set for all of our facilities. The FLA audits a percentage of our contract factory base each year to ensure we are compliant with those standards. As part of this commitment we have built a rigorous program of workplace standards which includes systems to monitor and remediate non-compliances. We work with the FLA and our suppliers collaboratively to develop remediation plans that are both preventative and sustainable. In a continuing effort to further enhance our program, we are active in working with the FLA in its new Sustainable Compliance Initiative evaluation process.

We understand that our initiative and commitment are essential to improving labor standards globally. Gear for Sports® ensures compliance by having members of our corporate headquarters from sourcing, quality, and manufacturing departments visit our suppliers and review compliance multiple times throughout the year. In addition, we have staff members located in 10 countries around the world that are dedicated to enforcing our policies, monitoring, and developing and implementing sustainable remediation with our suppliers. This global infrastructure gives us an advantage, as it enables us to be in our contract factories as often as a daily basis and validate compliance to our code of conduct.